Trussbilt offers a free online class Detention Design and Construction with Truss-reinforced Steel Panels which gives one AIA Health, Safety and Welfare Design (HSW) hour. Click here for more information.

Trussbilt offers innovative and effective security solutions for both new construction and retrofit applications.

Trussbilt is the World's Formost Security & Detention Equipment Manufacturer

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For over 90 years Trussbilt has made correctional facilities around the world more secure and cost-effective by designing and manufacturing security products that set the industry's standard for safety, quality and innovation. Trussbilt is a leading manufacturer of security wall panels, detention doors and frames, security ceilings, security floors, and specialty products.

Trussbilt has supplied products to the majority of US detention facilities, and to 20 nations around the globe. Our commercial product line provides protection from threats such as intrusion, severe weather, explosives and other terrorist threats. Headquartered in Huron, South Dakota with manufacturing facilities in Huron, SD, Trussbilt's innovative products deliver high quality, cost-effective solutions for the full range of security environments.

Our product portfolio includes:

TrussWall, our most well known product, is widely accepted as an innovative alternative to conventional concrete cell construction. Appropriate for both new construction and retrofits, TrussWall's space-saving, lightweight, secure design can substantially reduce costs and give the contractor a new level of scheduling flexibility. For information on completed TrussWall projects, click here.

Security Industry Pioneer

As a security product manufacturer, Trussbilt developed and pioneered performance tests that demonstrate the superiority of hollow metal fabrication for security. Our racking load test, static load test, impact test, and edge crush load test have become industry standards. We are ISO 9001-2015 certified and focus on continuous improvement in product quality and customer service.